Dr. Anne Ridley

In addition to her professional training, education and years of experience working with clients, what makes Dr. Anne so relatable is her own personal journey. Regardless of where someone is on their quest for love, they connect with Dr. Anne as she has checked off all the relationship boxes. A divorced, single woman with two children and an entrepreneurial spirit, Anne lives a life from her heart full of passion and is a true model of the current modern woman.

Dr. Anne Ridley

Dr. Anne Ridley, DHS, MA, CL has been a therapist for over 15 years helping singles and couples find and maintain love. As a Clinical Sexologist with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, she uses her knowledge as a love, sex and relationship expert in her private practice, online courses and podcasts as well as in media and print. Dr. Anne is also the owner of Santa Fe's only pleasure boutique, Modern Aphrodite.

Having worked with such icons as Dr. John Gray and Dr. Ava Cadell,  Dr. Anne has a grown a strong reputation as a dynamic therapist, healer, and expert on love, sex and relationships. She is extensively trained in communication skills and has a natural talent for cutting thorough to the heart of the matter in a way which people can hear. She believes her purpose is helping clients navigate the interpersonal relationship with themselves, they will have more fulfilling relationships with others which serves as a mirror for true healing and deep love. 

Dr. Anne Ridley is passionate about encouraging her clients to shed their skin and show up for themselves and their life in a more authentic and intentional way. Her ability to safely connect with anyone in a short time is felt as magnetic, and she provides a non-judgmental container for others that allows for strength in vulnerability.